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Car Hire Chania Airport

Rent a car Chania Airport or all of Crete with KalivesTravel - Car Hire Chania Airport, committed to providing quality services with the best rates. Select from a wide variety of models at competitive prices and choose from premium insurance options for a worry free rental. Book early to avoid disappointment as we continually aim to provide you with the best car rental experience.

Rent a car Chania Airport and explore whole of Crete with Car Hire Chania Airport Service from Kalives Travel

Are you looking to rent a car chania airport? Looking to hire car in chania airport? Then you are in the perfect place as we kalives travels will help you roam around the beautiful city of chania (Crete) in a car of your choice. We have variety of cars including petrol / diesel, Automatic / manual gear, open top/ cabrios. All varieties of car from small economical car to big expensive cars are available. Although chania has a good network of bus transport system, but visitors wanting to roam and feel the city won't be able enjoy travelling on a bus.  If you are looking for a bus from airport, then you won't be able to find any, as buses don't start from chania airport. If you are planning to tour chania in the summer season, Then make sure to get the booking done in advance as that time is usually crowded with tourists and getting a car for rent might be difficult. Booking can be done in advance and payment only at the time of taking of the car. So to enjoy the beauty of chania city you will have to hire a car in chania. 

What you get with car rental from kalives travel :

  1. You can drive unlimited kilometers.
  2. Quality service assurance.
  3. You get third party insurance on complete ride.
  4. You get free baby seats and boosters.
  5. Free cancellation options.
  6. 24/7 roadside assistance + phone support.
  7. 3 drivers
  8. All taxes paid.

 Cheap Car Hire Chania Airport (Crete)

We being the best budget car hire chania airport service, also provide flexible insurance plans with our rides, which you can select at the time of booking. The price you see is the price you pay, no hidden costs or extra taxes. Are you going to travel with your little ones? then also don't worry as we have all add on options while car booking, like including baby seats, child seats and boosters free of charge. If you need additional facilities like gps or chauffeur, contact us and it can also be made available on request.

We will deliver your car to your location or wherever you find it convenient. You can rent a car from chania airport with full insurance, heraklion airport or have the car delivered to your doorstep at your hotel / apartment. 


Rent a Car Chania Airport with Full Insurance 

If you are seeking to rent a car chania airport, then be rest assured that Kalives Travel will provide you with fantastic service time after time and good after service. Become the part of our valued repeated customers who return to rent car from us again and again. Our repeat customers enjoy the benefits of special car hire rates, discounted prices and coupons. Many of our car rental deals in chania are tailored to suit the needs of specific repeat customers so do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to rent again.

We will deliver your car to your location or wherever you find it convenient. You can rent a car chania airport with full insurance, heraklion airport or have the car delivered to your doorstep at your hotel / apartment.

Some FAQ's for having a safe drive in Chania, before car hire chania airport  -

  1. Are the roads ok to drive at high speed?   The roads in crete are dry but slippery. You might not feel that the roads are slippery, as they look dry. They have become very polished with time, so it's important to take care on corners, and drive at low speeds in corners, while renting a car in chania.
  2. Is the quality of road good?   Pothole, lost items on road,littering on roads can take you by surprise, so be prepared for this while hiring a car in chania.
  3. Are traffic lights on roads to be taken seriously?   When waiting for a green light, don't start moving on seeing green, but first wait and check if all the cars supposed to stop for red have stopped or not. Being in a foreign country, you ought to be more careful of little little details to avert any accidents. So keep this point in mind every time you go and hire a car to roam around the city of chania.
  4. What is the speed limit in chania?   The maximum speed in highways is 90 km/hour and 50 km/hour in city side. The local population there drives at high speeds, but you being tourists, you should maintain low speeds while driving in chania.
  5. Which type of car is good to hire in chania?  We would recommend to go for a economical car, which consumes less gas , so you can save more for food and drinks. We recommend Hyundai splash or Hyundai i10 compact cars for a trip of 1-2 people.
  6. Where can I find cars for rent in chania or hire directly from airport?   You can rent a car chania airport from our website and find wide range of cars for hire in airport at affordable prices with full insurance.
  7. Should I carry Something for routes navigation?   Yes, you should carry a large scale maps with you with detailed roads and navigation. If you book from kalives travel, you will get a free road map of crete from us.
  8. Is there any fine for wrong parking?   Yes, there is a hefty fine for illegal parking or parking at wrong places in chania. The cops also inform the car rental company about the fine so avoid illegal parking at any cost. A parking fine can range from 35€ to 90€. If the car is towed away by the cops, then the fine to get back car is whooping 450€. So take extreme care of not parking car anywhere.
  9. Is seat belt compulsory while driving a car?   Yes, its compulsory to wear seat belt for car and helmet for bikes, while driving in greece.
  10. Is the weather in chania stable?   The weather in chania can be very unpredictable. It is possible that you might start your day with sunshine and blue sky, but by the time you reach your destination, it might be raining heavily there. So chances of weather related hazards on road are high. It is recommended to check weather forecast before starting your journey and plan the trip accordingly. In the winter season in greece, Snow ice and fog is common. SO keep these things in mind.


Parking rules to keep in mind while Car Hire Chania Airport

Parking offenses are taken very strictly by the traffic cops of chania, Crete. Also, on committing a traffic violation, the cops also inform the car rental company, so you cant escape fine thinking that your car is on rent and you will leave the area soon. Parking fine can range from 30-80 euros depending upon the level of your violations.

In order to discourage locals from not parking anywhere, police now tow away the car and remove number plate also from them, and then return the car only on the payment of 450 euros!! you can pay the money to your car rental company and they can sort it out for you with cops. 

Wearing seat belt in cars and helmet in bikes in compulsory if you want to drive in chania, greece. We also advice you strongly not to drink and drive as once caught driving in influence, you will be heavily fined and your driving license will also be suspended. 

Rent a car chania airport : To explore the paradise CRETE

Chania is one of the best places to visit in crete. There is a lot to visit and do in this beautiful city. Rent a car from Kalives travel with full insurance and experience the many beautiful beaches available across the 415 km coastline. From historical museums to top class restaurants and architecture, Chania has it all. You must rent a car from chania airport to actually visit and experience the beauty of this place. Combine your stay in lovely chania with a visit to Botanical park of crete for a truly floral experience of the most exotic fauna on the island. Walking in the botanical park & gardens of crete offers spiritual tranquility and visual pleasure in addition to knowledge on plants and their material, not to mention the wonderful nature trail one can take through the world renowned Samaria Gorge, the largest in europe. Using public transport to see all this scenery is not an option for tourists. You can hire car in chania airport only.No need to come outside the airport and then look for transport options when you can easily rent a car within airport only and you will get the car after initial formalities and verification of documents and driving license.

So don't wait, select and book your desirable car from our website and enjoy Crete Holidays with car hire chania with hassle free budget options. Contact us for booking, queries and questions.